kucoin review

KuCoin is an easy-to-use, safe, and secure crypto exchange. The KuCoin exchange comes with various features such as futures trading, margin trading, trading bot, KuCoin Lending, etc. Therefore, in this KuCoin review, we’d do a deep dive into all of its features; although let’s first summarise the article below!

What Is KuCoin Exchange?

KuCoin is a crypto exchange headquartered in Seychelles. KuCoin cryptocurrency exchange’s service is not limited to buying and selling or exchanging crypto tokens for altcoins or fiat currencies. In addition, KuCoin’s cryptocurrency lending service for specific interest rates differs from the other crypto exchanges in the world.

The website is quite simple and easy to navigate. It is subdivided into various sections for easy signup, after which one can start trading. The collection of supported cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies is quite impressive. In addition, KuCoin offers 10x leverage for margin trades, making it a preferred exchange for passive earnings.

As a crypto exchange with a worldwide reach, KuCoin is a convenient option accessible from most countries. Nevertheless, US citizens above the FBAR threshold must include it in FBAR filings as KuCoin is a non-US-based exchange.

KuCoin Advantages

KuCoin is described as the platform that enables users to make profits with a plethora of services and products. The site features safety measures and security elements that minimize the risks associated with trading digital assets. Right from the automated trading robots to advanced API solutions for better trading strategies, the platform features end-to-end trading solutions.

KuCoin Products & Services

As stated earlier in this KuCoin review, the platform offers a wide variety of products and services, from trading crypto-assets and derivatives to lending crypto tokens.

The products include:

  • Spot Trading
  • Margin Trading
  • Futures Contracts or derivatives ETF
  • Pool-X Soft Staking
  • Crypto Loans

The services include:

  • KuCoin P2P
  • KuCoin Trading Bot Special privileges for API users
  • Buy cryptocurrency with fiat currency services

Spot Trading

Spot trading or instant trading allows users to buy/sell cryptocurrencies instantaneously for a spot exchange rate. KuCoin spot trading has a fixed trading fee of 0.1% for makers or takers which is a good reason to use KuCoin.

Compared to exchanges like EOS, Binance, it is pretty low. The 30-day trade volume alongside KuCoin Shares holdings is the likely reason for the low fees (0.1% only).

Margin Trading

This service was introduced in November 2019. It enables traders to use the crypto coin of other users to acquire a higher capital amount for leverage positions. Cryptocurrency tokens typically used for this type of trading on KuCoin include KCS (KuCoin Shares), BTC, ETH, etc.

This KuCoin’s feature is ideal for both long and short trading positions where it offers up to 10x leverage.

KuCoin Launches A $100 million Fund Focused On The Metaverse

KuCoin Futures Trading

KuCoin futures or contract trading service was previously known as KuMEX. This service allows users to buy/sell the assets’ future standard contracts. Simply put, the buyer places the order to purchase an asset for a specific price and time (future) while the seller must deliver the asset at the agreed-upon time and price.

KuCoin supports margin trading with up to 100x leverage. The significant advantage of this high leverage is that it enables the trader to trade contracts worth more than the trading funds in their account. Some of the popularly traded contracts include BTC and USDT. It is usually of two types; Futures Lite and Futures Pro. As the name indicates, the former is for beginners, and the Pro version is for advanced traders or professionals.

Crypto Lending or Crypto Loans

As mentioned at the beginning of this KuCoin review, crypto lending is one of the unique features of the exchange platform. It allows crypto investors to loan their cryptocurrency tokens for a specific rate of interest.

KuCoin Lend allows investors to loan digital tokens to other users for margin trading. The loan tenure ranges from 7 to 28 days where the lender can earn up to 12% annualized interest. Cryptocurrencies available for this service include USDT, ADA, TRX, ETC, ZEC, LTC, among others.


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