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ProBit Global cryptocurrency exchange was developed in 2018 in Seoul, South Korea, by Steve Woo. It is one of the leading crypto trading platforms, and it offers an accessible and advanced exchange platform with a wide variety of services ranging from crypto trading to IEOs.

Compared to other exchanges, ProBit is built with high authority and unique features, and it boasts of becoming the fastest crypto exchange in the world. The platform can handle more than 1,500,000 crypto transactions every second. This ProBit Review will delve deeper into the platform features, pros and cons, fees, payment methods, supported currencies, and many more.

How Does ProBit Work? 

Comprehending how ProBit exchange works are exceptionally straightforward, and new investors can efficiently operate on the exchange. ProBit exchange allows traders to mine digital coins on the platform, which is the beauty of the exchange. To know more about how the exchange works, read the following to get an in-depth understanding of the platform:-

To start trading on ProBit, users need to maintain funds in the account.

Without funds, buying and selling activities are prohibited. The significant cryptos supported on the platform are – Bitcoin (BTC), Tether USD (USDT), and Ethereum (ETH). So, a ProBit account or wallet must deposit either of these coins to start trading.

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ProBit Trading

The trading dashboard on ProBit is typical, and it lists the crypto trading pairs along with price charts, price movements, order book, trade feed, and trading volume. The interface is quite interesting. Below the order book, the display shows the Buy and Sell checkboxes for placing orders. Additionally, the dashboard enables four limit orders that help investors maximize their profits and minimize losses.

ProBit Staking

Experienced traders would know how to maximize profits through staking. Staking refers to how traders can earn profits with their new cryptos on the exchange. ProBit provides multiple crypto tokens along with lockup periods. Heavy users know that staking the native token PROB will fetch staking rewards, referral bonuses, and trading fee discounts.

VIP and Exclusive Levels

Users can increase their benefits from the exchange platform through ProBit Exclusives.

This feature allows users to purchase primary crypto tokens at a discount. However, users must stake at least 500 PROB and lock up the staking for 180 days to enjoy this feature. This will automatically enroll the user in the 1st level VIP Membership. There are 11 VIP levels on the platform, each level requiring more extensive PROB staking.

ProBit Features

ProBit is a robust platform that offers several advanced trading and security features to allow users to smooth and instant trading, buying, and selling cryptocurrencies. As per the review, here are a few of the features ProBit investors need to know:–

Above-par Security Measures

ProBit provides its clients with the three most essential security features, one of them being cold storage, where traders can store more than 95% of their digital assets. Added to this, the platform offers an encryption system that helps in keeping essential user data safely.

Exceptional Trading Experience

ProBit is designed to provide easy accessibility and utmost convenience to its users. The user interface is customizable, and users can set it based on their preferences. This means that users can view only the information that they find relevant and prevalent.

Multiple Currency Trading Pairs

The exchange supports more than 150 currencies for trading, how and it continues to invest more as the market expands. IEO Launchpad ProBit has its IEO launchpad that allows users to invest in new start-ups in the blockchain crypto community. It shows an in-depth review to the user before they launch crypto projects.


Users on ProBit can earn passive returns through on-platform staking. BitUniverse Grid This feature is one of the best things about ProBit. Users can use the app called BitUniverse to grid their trades.

FTX Tokens

The exchange platform offers more than 8 FTX leveraged coins listed.

Trading Fees

The fee structure is transparent, and the fees are relatively low with discounts offered when a user transacts in PROB, ProBit’s native token. The trading fee is 0.2% for every trade, which is lower than the global industry average.


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